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Saviours’ Day 2015

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“The Intensifying, Universal Cry for Justice”

Saviours’ Day 2015 marks the 85th year of the Nation of Islam’s existence in North America

Each year, the Nation of Islam commemorates the birth of its founder Master W. Fard Muhammad (February 26, 1877). This year’s Saviours’ Day commemoration will not feature a national convention.

The theme of the Saviours’ Day 2015 commemoration is “The Intensifying, Universal Cry for Justice” which is the title for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s keynote address set for Sunday February 22 at Christ Universal Temple in Chicago, IL. and is scheduled to be carried live via webcast.

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    Black Business – Start Your Own Business

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    AVAILABLE GEEKS is ready to help you with our full service web design and online marketing solutions. We are a talented team of designers and online marketing experts who will work with you to make your vision a reality. We have been involved in design, development and online marketing projects for companies in many industries. In addition, we also offer eCommerce solutions, content management and social network management services. Business Website Address: http://availablegeeks.com/
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    Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint will allow us to help ourselves in the battle to create jobs and end poverty and want. Under this wise economic plan, we can now use the collective power of our dollars to build a future for ourselves. With 5¢ a day, 35¢ a week, $1.40 a month and $18.20 a year multiplied by 16 million wage earners would give us $291,000,000 in one year! Everyone can give 35¢ a week as an investment in their future. Donate now and see what our pennies, nickels and dimes can accomplish! Business Website Address: http://www.economicblueprint.org/
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    Muhammad University of Islam was established in 1934 by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the city of Detroit, Michigan, and re-established in 1989 in Chicago, Illinois by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The Muhammad Universities of Islam were born from the need to revive, reform, and redeem those who had suffered from the mis-education of and hostility towards blacks in the public school system. Business Website Address: http://www.muidetroit.org/